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Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Skin and Hair


Wrinkles, dehydration, and sagging--residual effects of aging that most women try to avoid; with a plethora of cosmetic products and prescriptions, our choices are countless. Incorporating natural chemicals produced by our own bodies to our hair and skin regimen could be just the extra kick we need. Dermatologists have long recommended products with hyaluronic acid, also [...]

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Does biotin for hair growth work?


Biotin, or B7, is an essential B vitamin that helps the body get energy and nutrients from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Gastrointestinal bacteria usually produce enough biotin to meet bodily needs. Many foods also contain small amounts of biotin, including whole wheat, egg yolks, nuts, and legumes. Biotin and hair growth While biotin has become popular for [...]

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Wound Healing and Skin Regeneration


The skin is a complex organ consisting of the epidermis, dermis, and skin appendages, including the hair follicle and sebaceous gland. Wound healing in adult mammals results in scar formation without any skin appendages. Studies have reported remarkable examples of scarless healing in fetal skin and appendage regeneration in adult skin following the infliction of [...]

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Red nose : Causes and treatments


Most people have experienced a red nose after a cold, flu, or an allergic reaction. In these cases, the redness is usually due to the dry skin that results from persistent wiping.The nose can also turn red due to skin and blood vessel issues, chronic inflammation, allergies, and a few other conditions. Although a red nose [...]

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6 Foods That Help Regenerate Stem Cells


You may be asking, what are stem cells and why should we be concerned about them?Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells. They are also called replacement cells. Your body uses stem cells to replace damaged, old or dying cells. Stem cells [...]

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9 ways to treat and prevent razor burn


Shaving with a razor is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to remove facial or body hair. However, one of the disadvantages of this method of hair removal is the risk of razor burn. Razor burn is a type of skin irritation that not only looks unsightly but can also be a source [...]

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The complete range of aesthetic mesotherapy


MesoAromaWorld is a specialized mesotherapy range focusing in treatments for aesthetic problems. Founded in Bologna, ground breaking research was conducted by a team of italian cosmetologists and pharmacists, which led to the discovery of a number of innovative and advanced formulas for professional treatments. The ingredients and formulas are perfectly combined to deliver outstanding results [...]

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Pets and pests could stave off childhood asthma


New research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology suggests that exposing children to pet and other common indoor allergens before the age of 3 may prevent the development of asthma.Pets and pests could stave off childhood asthma. A new study suggests that infantile exposure to indoor allergens may prevent childhood asthma .  A new [...]

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Can honey and cinnamon help treat acne?


Acne is more than just a skincare concern. It can also be painful, persistent, and uncomfortable to the person who develops it.While prescription and other medicinal treatments can work, they may also contain harsh ingredients that can dry out the surrounding skin. Those looking for more natural remedies or for something that will clean the [...]

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Benefits of skin analysis


People often wonder why certain skin care products don't work for them but they work for other people. The answer in short, is that everyone has a different skin type. The best determinant of your personal skin type is to get a professional skin analysis by a cosmetic physician or dermatologist. There are so many [...]

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